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"Modal" Mike Fies is a true Old-Time Music Aficionado, who appreciates a wide range of tunes. He's had the honor of training under Fiddle Maestro David Bragger of Old Timme Tiki Parlor.
"Ice Machine" Tom Braatelien is aptly named for his consistent rhythmic guitar strumming, which is a sound wall that the band leans on. He does his homework and keeps the setlist organized.
"Liltin' Lyn" Carolyn Allenby is a multi-instrumentalist who sings with passion, and plays ukulele, banjolele, and washboard.
"Smilin' Kimmie" Wilson is an incredibly talented fiddler, who brings our sound to a new level. She's also part of Seisiun 8 with Pat McCrossen.
"Sensei" Harry Zulch is an avid cyclist and a talented fiddle player. If he's not riding or fiddling he's playing upright bass.

About Us

Black River Jam is a group of friends that play Old Time Music. Our love for this genre brought us together and we have been performing together for many years now. We believe in keeping the tradition of Old Time Music alive and strive to bring joy to our audiences through our performances.

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